The History of the Airport

The Fort Myers, Florida RSW Airport was built in response to rapid growth within this region. Prior to this airport, Page Field serviced air traffic to and from southwest Florida. The idea to build an airport in this area was first generated in 1973 and the site was chosen to be near Interstate 75. It is also close to U.S. Highway 41 and these two roadways can reach practically anywhere in the State of Florida. The airport officially opened on May 14, 1983 with its first runway of 8,400 feet in length.

By 2004, almost 7 million passengers were passing through a terminal built for a maximum capacity of 3 million. This led to the construction of a new terminal that was completed in 2005. The terminal was named Midfield Terminal Complex and originally built with 28 gates on three concourses. However, this time, the terminal was built so that it could allow for future expansion with a maximum of 65 gates and five concourses.

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